Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

Premium Grade (Christmas 2018)

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

This coming Xmas we will be selling quality Nordmann fir Christmas trees, so make sure you come to our friendly team for a quality tree this Christmas 2018!

We sell our superb non drop Nordmann Fir Christmas trees from December 1st and always have a great range of trees for you to view and choose from! Make sure to get in early because we will sell out fast!

Nordmann Fir is the most popular choice of Christmas Tree for your home as they have soft, dark green needles, a beautiful shape and although all conifers naturally shed needles the Nordmann Fir has excellent needle retention properties when cared for correctly.

Our expert team on site will help you find your perfect Nordmann Fir tree for this Christmas, we will also help you prep the tree for the winter to help your tree look fresh for the magic day. If you are not happy with your selected tree we will happily help you choose another one!

Our Premium Range-

BLUE- Our blue label trees vary from 150-175cm, these trees are perfect for a small household or a flat. These trees are premium quality at a low price. 

WHITE- Our white label trees vary from 175-200cm, these trees are perfect for the average household or work place. These trees sell out every year so get in there fast! These trees are premium quality at a low price.

YELLOW- Our yellow label trees vary from 225-250cm, these trees are suitable for large houses, businesses or outdoor areas. These trees are premium trees that will make your Christmas even more special.

Are you a local business wanting to bring the magic of Christmas to your customers?

Apps Court can supply your perfect tree, with heights from 4′ to 9′ and great prices.  

 Let the staff at Apps Court take your order, choose your perfect tree and deliver it direct to your door. 






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