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Encompassing more than 80 acres of undulating grassland, Apps Court stands as a historic treasure with roots tracing back to the Domesday Book. Our land has played a significant role in the tapestry of the country's prestigious history, bearing witness to pivotal moments that echo through the centuries.

Dating back to the 1200s, the pages of our history unfold with the noteworthy visit of King John to the Apps Court manor, marking a chapter in the legacy of this storied estate. Additionally, during the crucible of World War II, the American army strategically utilized our expansive lands as a base in the lead-up to the historic D-day, adding yet another layer of significance to Apps Court's rich historical narrative.

Apps Court's landscape not only tells the tale of its own evolution but also encapsulates moments that have left an indelible mark on the broader historical canvas of the region.


Throughout the years, we have actively fostered the diversification of wildlife on our farm, creating a thriving ecosystem. Our fishery, in particular, is a bustling habitat for a range of species, from majestic Kingfishers to Woodpeckers, contributing to the establishment of a vibrant breeding environment within our lakes.

As a dedicated initiative, we've introduced a stock pond to cultivate various species, aiming for the development of a self-sustaining ecosystem. In tandem with this endeavor, we've enhanced our landscape with wildflowers, laying the groundwork for the introduction of bee colonies on the farm. This thoughtful step anticipates future honey harvests, adding a sweet touch to our commitment to ecological sustainability.

In alignment with our dedication to nature, we've undertaken an extensive ecology survey. Committed to responsible stewardship, we are poised to implement the recommendations derived from this survey, ensuring that our farm remains a harmonious and flourishing haven for both wildlife and biodiversity. At every step, we're fostering a holistic approach to environmental conservation and the promotion of a thriving natural habitat.

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At Apps Court, our belief in environmental sustainability for future generations is a shared responsibility. To manifest this commitment, we have submitted a comprehensive planning application for the installation of a wind turbine, currently under consideration by the Elmbridge planning department.

This pivotal step shows our dedication to green energy initiatives, as we eagerly await the approval of this forward-thinking project. The potential inclusion of a wind turbine aligns with our broader strategy to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Looking ahead, our commitment to green energy ideals extends even further. In the pipeline is the installation of solar panels on our static homes, a strategic move to harness the power of renewable energy sources. By integrating solar technology, we aim not only to meet our energy needs but also to exemplify our ongoing dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

At Apps Court, we are proud to lead by example, demonstrating that responsible and sustainable choices today pave the way for a greener and more resilient tomorrow.


Within an 8-mile radius of London, Apps Court Events Centre stands as a premier location for a countless number of occasions. Expansive outdoor spaces, our venue is the ideal setting for a diverse range of events, including festivals, weddings, corporate activities, and outdoor markets. With a track record of hosting prestigious events, we've proudly collaborated with world-renowned companies and societies, such as the RHS flower shows and Hampton Court Palace.

The Apps Court team brings a wealth of experience in event logistics and operations, ensuring seamless execution for gatherings of all scales. Beyond our proven capabilities, our venue is equipped to accommodate upwards of 30,000 attendees, making it an ideal choice for large-scale festivals and events. Events like Boogietown and The London Barrio Fiesta have hosted at our grounds, each attracting over 10,000 participants per live day.

Apps Court Events Centre has a captivating blend of being in a prime location, having seasoned expertise, and the capacity to elevate your event to new heights.

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"Stayed here for a couple of nights to visit Thorpe Park. Great facilities. Plenty of space. Good location."


"Great venue, staff fantastic, easy to get in the car park, stage was big enough would 100% go there again."


"Stayed here for 2 nights as attending the Icons Music Festival, the staff were very friendly and helpful, so much so the gentleman from reception who owns the land ran us to the shop to fetch toothpaste, which I had forgotten to pack! Check in was super quick and nothing seemed to much trouble!"


"Great venue for concerts. It is lovely to have a local Music Venue."


"Amazing campsite. Lovely walks at the lakes."


"Just spent the weekend here the staff could not have been more helpful. The toilets and shower area was great!"


"The camp site was ideally located for the Theme Parks and shops. And a lovely location right next to the Thames. Very friendly and helpful staff. Fantastic price as well, for 4 of us in a tent. Would definitely stop there again."


"Perfect place for exploring the Thames Path by bike! Nice and helpful personnel."


"Great little fishery."


"I love your car boots! I’ve been several times last season, got myself so many lovely things! I cant wait for the new season to start! Looking forward to April."