Apps Court is an 82 acre events space in the heart of Walton-on-Thames, showcasing some of the best events in the area! Also on offer is our fantastic newly upgraded campsite that boasts high quality toilets & showers.

Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance. With more than 20+ years experience running the venue, we guarantee our team will be able to help!

Our Goals

Green Energy

We at Apps Court believe that we must all do our part to secure the future environmental viability for our children. We have placed a planning application for a wind turbine before the Elmbridge planning department. We are hopeful that this will be approved and demonstrates how Apps Court is taking seriously our green energy commitments. For the future we will also be installing solar panels on our static homes to further demonstrate our commitment to green energy ideals.

Elmbridge Fishing Academy

Here at Apps Court we have set up in association with Elmbridge Borough Council and Councilor Rachael Lake the Apps Court - Elmbridge Fishing Academy. The gradual development of the fishery and its young members over a period of ten years has demonstrated how much our student members have benefitted from the hands-on experience in fish husbandry, balance in nature, and all the technical aspects of the sport.  The fishery provides expert guidance by a qualified leadership team that has proven to be supportive societies aim to encourage youth social development. 


Over the year we have encouraged the diversification of the wildlife available on the farm. The fishery is teaming with wildlife from Kingfishers and Woodpeckers down to the establishment of a vibrant breeding environment in our lakes.  As part of this effort, we have installed a stock pond to bring on the various amount of species in an effort to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem. As part of our efforts, we have planted wildflowers as a prelude to the establishment of bee colonies on the farm and look forward to future honey harvests.  As part of our commitment to nature, we have carried out an ecology survey and will carry out the recommendations offered with that report including bat boxes in appropriate locations around the farm.


With over 80 acres of rolling grassland steeped in history dating back to the Doomsday book. Apps Court's land has been a huge part in the countries prestigious history.

 Some moments include King John (1200's) visiting the Apps Court manor and the American army during WW2 using the lands as a strategic base before D-day.